Sammy has a liking for Brioches in the morning, but unfortunately we have not managed to find any that are dairy free so that Tim can have them as well, and Tim is definitely at the stage of wanting to eat whatever anyone else is eating, and we don’t want him to feel left out so we had a challenge to try and find what he might be able to eat.

These were ever so easy to make.

Jus-Rol puff pastry, cut into triangles, with some chocolate at the widest end, then rolled up.
I made my triangles too small, so rather than having really thin looking croissants, I decided to roll them around into the shape you see in the picture.

When buying pastry for this recipe, do be aware that they also do an all-butter pastry that is not suitable for a dairy-free diet.
I did discover that they make some ‘bake it fresh’ pain au chocolat

But unfortunately by the time I had found these we were off soya as well, so they were no longer suitable for us


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