Mint and strawberry creams

These were ever so easy to make, when I first started mixing it together, I wondered if I should have creamed bits first or anything, but it didn’t take long before it was blending together no problem.

1 Tablespoon vitalite

2 Tablespoons of Oatly – you should be able to use whichever milk you normally use

250g Icing sugar

keep mixing until it is all blended together.

I then split it in half to colour and add flavouring (I choose to split into 2 as in my cupboard I found mint and strawberry flavour)

add a few drops of whichever colours and flavours you have decided to use and knead it until it is the colour you require, you will probably need to add more icing sugar as you have just added more liquid.

I decided to roll ours into small balls, then flatten them.

DSCF5049then just leave them to harden
If you want to you can always cover in chocolate, or just dip half, whatever you fancy doing with them


2 thoughts on “Mint and strawberry creams

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