I have always enjoyed making pastry so this is an easy, fun activity for me

I won’t give you quantities for making pastry as it really is simple, however much vitalite you choose to use, measure out double the quantity of plain flour, and add a pinch of salt. (today I used 600g flour, 300g vitalite and pinch of salt)

rub together using your fingertips until it resembles breadcrumbs, I apologise now for not acknowledging where this next tip comes from, but I remember seeing on one of the many cooking programmes that if you tap the bowl on the worktop any lumps come to the top, it seems to work, but unfortunately I have no idea where I saw the tip the first time.

Another tip I remember being given when I was still at school, remember that you should only ever use your fingers to rub the butter (or vitalite!) into the flour, the palm of your hand should remain clean.


It is best not to handle pastry too much and it is best if it is kept cool, this is probably why mine usually turns out ok as my hands are always on the cold side.

DSCF5062Add a small amount of water, then slowly work it into a ball, add small amounts more water if necessary, by the end of the process the bowl should be clean and the pastry not too sticky.

I have always found that pastry works better if left to rest for a short while (even just 10minutes helps, but can be made one day for use the next) so I wrap in clingfilm and place in the fridge, if it is going to be in the fridge overnight, make sure you remove it a while before you need it so that it is soft enough to work with.



If you don’t fancy making your own pastry, Jus-Rol is also suitable for dairy, egg and soya free diets

Shortcrust SheetPuff Sheet


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