Rice Pudding

The first recipe that I tried making with Aptamil Pepti was Rice Pudding  unfortunately as far as I am concerned it was a complete disaster.

I don’t know whether I did something wrong,

Maybe being the first experience of ever having used formula milk (it’s only been given to us for cooking and to have on cereal, the rest of the time he is breastfed) I made the milk wrong.

Maybe i weighed the wrong quantity of rice, I ended up adding more rice as it just looked like it was going to be all milk and no rice and even with my double quantity of rice it did turn out to be all milk and very little rice.

As my parents were visiting at the time I had additional advice being thrown at me from Nanna, by the end of the afternoon we ended up with 2 version one that was very runny and one that needing slicing. Luckily both my boys enjoy their food and are happy (well most of the time) to eat anything that is put in front of them. So were more than happy to have slices of rice pudding, unfortunately Daddy isn’t as accomodating 😦


So I do plan to put a picture of the rice pudding when I have another hopefully more successful attempt, but for now I am hoping that someone reading this can tell me what I did wrong last time!


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