Spotty Dotty Biscuits

dotty spotty biscuits

These are a really easy recipe taken from the Mr Tumble Annual

dotty spotty biscuits

Sieve 300g flour and 30g cocoa powder

In a separate bowl cream 125g sugar and 250g margarine

Mix it all together

Roll into balls and space out on a baking tray

dotty spotty biscuits

Flatten with the back of a spoon

dotty spotty biscuits

Decorate with dotty chocolate sweets

Bake for around 10minutes at 160

Remove and place on a cooling rack when the tops are firm on top

I made sure that the baking trays were well greased, didn’t tell me to, but I always prefer to know it will be easy to get biscuits off.

If like us you need to cater for allergies B+M do small pots that are suitable

dotty spotty biscuits


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